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  1. Hey Mahajan good job….

  2. Kannan says:

    Well Done Gaurav !!!

  3. Sidhartha says:

    This is cool! Nice job here.

  4. Hi, Gaurav, thanks a lot for sharing your sharepoint 2013 dev environment vm. I’ve downloaded all of them, unzipped, and installed VMware Player 4.0.4 like you suggested, but when I try to run the vm, vmware player says:

    The configuration file “SP2013.vmx” was created by a VMware product that is incompatible with this version of VMware Player and cannot be used.

    What should I do? Thank you.

    • Hi
      I apologize. My bad.The latest VM with SQL server 2014 was created using a more recent version of the player. I will request you to download the latest version of the player to run the VM

  5. Kurt says:

    Dear Gaurav

    Thanks a lot for your .vmx.

    It saved me tons of google searches. I dumped my previous attempt to get an environment up and running that has taken some nights to build and still needed fixing.

    Downloaded yours. And there it was in all it’s beauty.
    Great job. Well done

  6. Hi.. Can I use this VM on a 32 bit Win 8 PC?

  7. taha says:

    Hi Gaurav
    I have a laptop that has 8GB Ram and I wanted to know if I could still run the SP2013 VM with 5GB RAM allocated to guest VM.
    Thank you

    • Hi Taha

      Unfortunately 5GB will be too low for SharePoint. The VM will still fire up but it will latterly crawl. I will recommend at least 8GB and for that too, I’ll recommend disabling search on it after you fire it up for the first time.

      Thank you

  8. Mark says:

    Hi Gaurav, I’d like to use part of your SharePoint install script (main.ps1) to install our SharePoint Farm. I only need snippets such as the disabling of UAC and changing the allocation unit size. Are you happy for me to do this if I reference you for copyright?


  9. Hi Gaurav
    First say thx for your great job. I have a question i would like a new webapplication, but the new button is disabled. I try to register the sp_admin, but i dosn’t works. Have you any idea what i can do?
    best regards

    • Hi paedisborders

      Thank you for your kind words and for downloading the VM. For the issue you are facing, you will want to launch central admin using the “Central Administration” icon in the task bar or by running the browser as an administrator. Hope that helps

      Thank you!

  10. xzhou says:

    Hi Gaurav,

    Thx for all that effort and sharing. I’ve downloaded the VM and everything seems to work fine. Since I’m new to SP, allow me to ask some noobie questions:
    1. Am I able to view the sites outside VM? e.g. my host computer? If yes,
    2. I’ve made the port forwarding and tried to open it on my host computer via http://localhost:80. I was prompt for username and password to log in. How am I supposed to set up user credentials to allow access outside VM?

    Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi xzhou,
      Very sorry for the extremely late response. You will need to enter the user name along with the domain as: gmsp15.dev\sp_admin and the usual password.
      Thanks and hope this helped.

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