SharePoint 2013 On Prem and Online Edition and Feature Comparison (updated May 7th 2014)

Microsoft provides SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS) that allow its customers to use their Software Assurance Benefits to cover the costs of engaging with qualified providers for SharePoint deployment and upgrade planning services. You can read more about SDPS here.

As someone who delivers these SDPS engagements, more often than not I have had the need to take the customers through the SharePoint features available as part of various on premise and online plans. While a comprehensive listing of these features is available on TechNet here, it is hard to filter this listing by the edition or plan type thus making it difficult to help them understand the features missing or available between different editions. Without duplicating much effort, I have created a quick excel file and uploaded it here (Updated: May 7th 2014) for your convenience if you too would like to view a filterable feature comparison within the different editions and online plans of SharePoint 2013.

Hope you find it useful

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2 Responses to SharePoint 2013 On Prem and Online Edition and Feature Comparison (updated May 7th 2014)

  1. jagostoni says:

    Nice work, G. Looking at that makes me realize how much they brought Enterprise features into the Standard CAL over the years. Now … we need an Excel workbook to calculate the required server resources based on usage of those features 🙂

    • Thanks Jason. Very true! The standard feature set is much more powerful in itself as compared to the earlier versions. On a related context, with all these capabilities, one thing that Microsoft has left the SharePoint community a little high and dry 🙂 with is the non-inclusion of the new Content Search Web Part in the Standard feature set. Hopefully the nice people at Microsoft 🙂 relook at that decision and change it towards the better…
      Thanks again!

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